Managing Assets with Purpose

Lighthouse Management Solutions stands out in property management for our unique blend of experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence. With over 30 years of collective experience managing 25,000+ units nationwide, our team offers unmatched knowledge and a proven track record. We cover all facets of multifamily real estate, providing tailored solutions in acquisitions, budgeting, branding, sales, audits, and more. Our success is evident in our ability to raise NOI, maintain high occupancy, and swiftly carry out reposition and stabilization plans. We’re committed to delivering exceptional results, optimizing investments, and minimizing risks, all while building lasting client relationships that make us a valuable asset in the industry.

Lighthouse Management Solutions Operational Duties

Finding and Screening Residents

Collecting Rents

Handling Maintenance and Repairs- Budgets, Payments,

Quality Control

Maintaining the Properties’ physical condition

Managing Resident Relations

Legal and Regulatory Contact

Performing Unit and Site Inspections

Marketing and Advertising to Attract & Retain Residents

Emergency & Crisis Management

Creating ways to Increase Income

Decreasing Expenses

Managing Risks Optimizing the Performance of the Asset

Managing Risks Optimizing the Performance of the Asset

Lighthouse Management Solutions Administrative Duties

Hiring, Training and Managing onsite staff

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management

Handling Maintenance and Repairs- Budgets, Payments,

Communications with Ownership Group

Management of Property Inspections- Lender, Insurance, City

Creating Annual Budgets and Operational Plans that includes: Financial Plans, Capex Plans, Leasing Plans, Marketing Plans,

Market Analysis

Property Comp Report

Community Activity Plan